At PCC there are various committees and governing bodies bringing meaningful participation to assist in the decision making for the PCC campus. Shared Governance embodies many of the committees on campus, but there are additional committees within departments and sections throughout campus, that help make decisions and bring awareness around particular issues.

Shared Governance at PCC

The six sections of shared 治理 represent a different campus voice, each with designated areas of concern. Prior to taking action, the Board of Trustees consults and gives respectful consideration to the opinions expressed by each section of shared 治理. The Board of Trustees approved Policy 3000, Shared Governance.

Educational 服务 is charged with the responsibility of facilitating and supporting the college's Shared Governance process. In an on-going effort to encourage consultation, collegiality, and transparency, Educational 服务 in collaboration with the college's communications and web teams have created readily accessible links to the College Council and College Council Standing 委员会.

For ease of communication and participation in Shared Governance, the published upcoming meetings of various shared 治理 bodies are included here, along with the Board of Trustee meeting dates. For full meeting schedules, archives of past meetings and other information, please go to the individual shared 治理 bodies' websites.